Purple Risotto

Risotto has been my go to meal when I don’t have so much time in the kitchen. It’s so quick to make and at the same time having risotto feels like you’re ordering from a nice restaurant. You can do so many dishes with risotto but this time I made it with red cabbage. RedContinue reading “Purple Risotto”

Vegan Burrito with Lentils and Kidney Beans

I love Mexican food and it’s one of those cuisines that can be easily veganized. Whenever I cook for friends this is my go to recipe. It’s colorful, delicious and letting my friends  mix all together to create their own burrito is  a  great bonding experience too!

Sikwate/Hot Cocoa Drink

Sikwate is a Filipino drink made with cocoa tablets, water and brown sugar. I used to drink this a lot when I was a kid and it’s perfect with fried bananas. I can’t find the kind of bananas we use for cooking back home here in Switzerland but the sikwate alone can still be enjoyed.Continue reading “Sikwate/Hot Cocoa Drink”

Happy Falafel Bowl

I’m so happy that I found pre made Falafels at our local grocery store. You can also make it from scratch (will try to make one soon) but if you can find it at your supermarket then you can make a falafel bowl like I did! It was so unbelievably delicious and was very easyContinue reading “Happy Falafel Bowl”