Vegan Travels- New York, USA

Ah, the Big Apple! We have been looking forward for this trip and we were quite overwhelmed- in a good way especially with food. We couldn’t go to all the places on our list because there were just too many options. Being vegan in New York is not hard at all in fact you can get spoiled, so here are some places we went to for food.

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Vegan Travels- Milan, Italy

Italy is one of the countries you would visit not just for the culture, architecture or fashion but also for its amazing food! If you’re vegan you’ll be surprised how easy it is to find plant based food in Milan, even a Michelin star quality one.

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Baked Falafels with Tahini sauce

Ever since my failed attempt at making falafels  2 years ago I had this fear of making them. Finally I made some and I’m really happy with the outcome and the secret is to use dried chickpeas. It seems like a lot of work but if you plan ahead, it’s quite easy!

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Vegan Travels- Bosnia and Herzegovina

Traveling to Bosnia and Herzegovina soon and not sure if it’s a vegan friendly country? I’m here to tell you that it sure is! Bosnian cuisine is a balance between Western and Eastern influences. Usually their food is meat based cooked with spices but I found vegetarian restaurants while we were walking along the old town.

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Vegan Energy Balls

We love to eat vegan chocolate at home for dessert but most of the time it’s very high in refined sugar. So I made some yummy vegan chocolate balls sweetened by medjool dates. This is very quick to make and you don’t need an oven, just a mixer or a blender!

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Purple Risotto

Risotto has been my go to meal when I don’t have so much time in the kitchen. It’s so quick to make and at the same time having risotto feels like you’re ordering from a nice restaurant. You can do so many dishes with risotto but this time I made it with red cabbage. Red cabbage is nutrient dense and becomes sweet when cooked which makes it so yummy!

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Tibits- Bern, Switzeland

Tibits is a vegetarian/ vegan restaurant with locations in different cities of Switzerland, England and Germany. We live in Brig and the closet one was in Bern-just an hour and 20 minutes away, so I was really excited to go there for my birthday. There are 2 Tibits in Bern, the take away restaurant which is close to the train station but we went to the other which was more of a sit down style.

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Top 6 Herbs and Spices in my Vegan Kitchen

The most important thing you need in making your dishes stand out besides fresh fruits and vegetables are your herbs and spices. When I found my passion for vegan cooking I was experimenting with a lot of different flavors. I have a collection of different herbs and spices on my pantry but I have 6 must haves!

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Warm and Fruity Breakfast Oats

Lately I have been obsessed with warm oats and I’ve been having them for breakfast everyday I think for the last 2 months. You can use any fruit in season as toppings, it’s so delicious and healthy packed with fiber and vitamins.

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Vegan Burrito with Lentils and Kidney Beans

I love Mexican food and it’s one of those cuisines that can be easily veganized. Whenever I cook for friends this is my go to recipe. It’s colorful, delicious and letting my friends  mix all together to create their own burrito is  a  great bonding experience too!

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