Mushroom Steak and Potatoes

Mushrooms are very tasty especially when you grill them, they get this smoky and  rich flavor. I found these big champignons at the supermarket and thought of making steaks out of them. It was so filling and quick to make!

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Sikwate/Hot Cocoa Drink

Sikwate is a Filipino drink made with cocoa tablets, water and brown sugar. I used to drink this a lot when I was a kid and it’s perfect with fried bananas. I can’t find the kind of bananas we use for cooking back home here in Switzerland but the sikwate alone can still be enjoyed. I made this sikwate with plant milk which is even more delicious than the original sikwate.

I bought my cacao tablets from the Philippines but you can also use cacao powder since it’s difficult to find these tablets in Europe.

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Vegan Travels- Amsterdam

We were just in the Netherlands a few weeks ago and had an amazing time! We visited many places, spent time with friends and of course went to as many vegan restaurants we could during our trip. I was pleasantly surprised how vegan friendly the country is especially Amsterdam. I had a few list of restaurants I wanted to try but on our first night I saw a lot of falafel shops scattered across the city so I had to get some!

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Easy Veggie Couscous

Couscous looks like rice but it’s actually pasta made of semolina wheat. You can create different kinds of dishes with it and I made a quick and easy veggie version with my couscous.

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Happy Falafel Bowl

I’m so happy that I found pre made Falafels at our local grocery store. You can also make it from scratch (will try to make one soon) but if you can find it at your supermarket then you can make a falafel bowl like I did! It was so unbelievably delicious and was very easy to make.

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Kale Mushroom and Artichoke Pasta

Pomodoro sauce is quite easy to make so I added some kale, mushrooms and artichoke hearts to make it more interesting and  flavorful. It sounds intimidating with all the other ingredients but trust me it’s so quick to make!

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Hearty Pumpkin Carrot Soup

A soup is usually an appetizer but not this one! You can have this hearty soup for lunch or dinner and it will leave you full and satisfied. You can also have this with a slice of bread on the side if you wish.

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Vegan Travels-Mom’s Table in Augsburg, Germany

One of the things that really excite us in our travels is finding vegan restaurants we can explore. We recently went to Bavaria, Germany and found one that we loved! If you plan to visit the Bavarian region of Germany you must try Mom’s Table Organic Vegan Restaurant. Located in the city center of Augsburg, on Maximilian Strasse. Their food is bio, organic, gluten free and sugar free too! We ordered a few different things like the Superfood Salad, Falafel Chia Wrap, Buddha Bowl and Dal Soup. The food was really delicious and so colorful, it was really made with love I can tell.

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Vegan Blueberry Banana Pancakes

Who doesn’t love pancakes especially guiltless delicious vegan pancakes! These fluffy pancakes are very easy to make and  perfect for a weekend morning at home paired with a good cup of coffee.

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